Very Small Start Up Seeking Character Expert & Programmer

Hey all,

Studio GFG is a small start up looking to add another to our team:

  • Facial Rigging Expert (Looking for some very high quality work)

We’re looking for the path of least resistance here: Creating a great, high quality rig that can then be applied to several other models with the same topology / vertex IDs.

We can pay one of three ways:

Contract + Royalty: We pay you a smaller rate now for your work, and when sales are made you get a small percentage.
Contract: We pay you a rate now for your work only.
Royalty: We pay you a larger percentage (compared to C+R) when sales are made.

We’d prefer to work on a royalty basis as it’s essentially the only way any of us will make real money, and it is a great motivating factor to do your best work for a high payoff in the long run. However, we’ll pay however necessary to get a rockstar. Flat rate ($x for initial rig, $x for each thereafter) or Hourly (will need an estimate of time, of course) are possible on Contract or C+R.

Please submit a resume with some sample work to and please include your requested pay structure. If C+R or Contract, please include a desired hourly rate or flat rate (cost per rig, for example).

Any questions, feel free to ask here.

Hey Nate, any hint at the visual style?

Hey there! Sounds neat. Sent you an E-Mail

Hey there, thanks for the response. I guess my initial post was a bit vague, wasn’t it? My apologies!

We’re going for a dark theme. It’s going to be a dark story-driven RPG - almost to the extent of being a “horror”. We’re not looking to scare people, but we’re looking for a level of detail that we haven’t found in any other games. Let me elaborate:

Picture a village that’s been cursed. One of the townsfolk is horribly disfigured by this enigmatic curse. Rather than a brief scene with small detail, we’re going to show a lot of creepy details to (hopefully) really get the audience riveted. We want to go for a more direct approach. A curse that may have taken place in real life, in our opinions, would probably have created many more woes than you typically see in games (of course this is all in theory - it kind of has to when we start discussing “curses” and trying to be “realistic”). We hope to branch out of the “typical” rut and create a truly unique visual experience, while also delivering the rock-solid RPG mechanics people are longing for with blockbusters like The Witcher, for example.

That’s just one example - we’re looking to have townsfolk transform into horrific creatures, do unthinkable deeds, etc. and the end user will be in the center of it all. How they choose to react is up to them.

I know this description is still a bit vague, but if you have any specific questions please feel free to ask!

Thank you kindly for your interest! I’ll be going over applications with the other owner (who is the Director of Art) and we will be responding very soon. Thanks again for the interest!

hi, i have 5+ years experience on videogames pipeline from model until animation.

portfolio 1: Andres C. Castaño - YouTube

portfolio 2:

i want to work on modality like just contract.

if you are interesting about my experience and skills, please contact me by skype:


Hey all,

Just updated the listing. If anyone who emailed earlier has rigging experience please feel free to hit me up! Also, if there are any questions on the new position please feel free to ask via email or here.

As mentioned in the post, we’re looking for a high level of detail with the facial rigging. The game is heavily story-driven, and as such, it needs some great facial expressions. Please apply if you’re a rockstar!