Very slow operation of Unreal Editor

I had version 4.16.2 and it worked fine.
I replaced the drive, so I reinstalled Epic Launcher and Unreal Engine versions 4.16.3, 4.17.2 and 4.18, and no version was working properly.
When I click on anything there is no reaction. Elements are highlighted and so much.
When I point the mouse over an item, a black bar is displayed instead of the back.
When in the Viewport click on an item I have to wait for a few seconds to react.

Please help.
I looked through all the similar topics and found no solution.

Hi! Has the problem been resolved? I have the same

Please help!!!

Same exactly situation, under the same exact circumstances.

Found the solution!

Install DirectX!!! For example from here (beware of microsoft toolbars, etc.):