Very quick rundown of Editor Undo System?

#Thank You Marc Audy!

That did it!!!

I dont know how long it would have taken me to figure that out on my own

My Vertex Snap Editor Plugin now fully supports the UE4 Undo system, thanks to you!

#Plugin Link With Entire Source Code

#Thank You Jamie!

And thank you Jamie for being so prompt in answering my questions :heart:!


#Code Sample for Others


#include "ScopedTransaction.h"
#define LOCTEXT_NAMESPACE "VictoryVertexSnapEditor"

//Save an Undo, must target the components directly

//this is after a SetActorLocation() has occurred

const FScopedTransaction Transaction( TEXT("Snap"), LOCTEXT( "VictoryGame", "Victory Vertex Snap" ), TheActor->GetRootComponent()  );