Very poor performance with oculus rift

I’ve looked around and found some tips on how to improve performance like turning off occlusion settings, changing it to Mobile and and scaleable 2d/3d but I’m I’m still getting double vision whenever I move my head.

My scene is currently just a small room with 3 boxes in it and the 1st person character so I don’t know if it’s a proformance issue or the double vision is cause by something else.

I’ve got a 770 and i5 4670k so it’s not like I should be having issues with such a small scene.

My company’s VR frame-rate requirement is 90 or above otherwise turning is disorienting. I want to say 90 was what oculus said it requires, but i could be wrong on that. Keep in mind tho the headset is now rendering 2 more monitors for your GPU basicly. Very costly. We’re using 2x980 that are SLI I think, to barely achieve the frame rate. GPUs are catching up soon tho.

But I’ve yet to encounter this problem playing any ue4 games from oculus share with my PC’s current specs. So an empty room in ue4 editor, or a packaged project of that shouldn’t be giving me this issue when ue4 projects on oculus share work fine. Unless I’m missing some crucial settings that need to be changed.