Very nasty bug!!!!!!!

I was working last night on my ledge system. Then, I turn off my computer and went to sleep. Now, I opened the editor, and all Blueprints that I was working on last night, they don’t show on the editor. I look inside their folder, and they are there.

This is the second time, the engine breaks my project.
I just opened my character blueprint uasset file, and all I can see there is NULLNULLNULLNULL several times, nothing else.

I will see if the backups are working and if they have most of my BP changes.

EDITED: Backups are working, but without some of the changes that I made last night. :frowning:

Have you tried duplicating the project out of editor and loading the duplicate? :>

Yes, it didn’t work. All my Blueprint files, only have the word “NULL” inside.
This time, by second looking, I think I only lost two changes that I did.

I went to sleep last night very happy, with all my system bugs fixed, and I woke up today… Just imagine, when I open the editor, clicked on play button, and nothing happened. Then, I went to look at my file, and they were gone from the editor. Three different Blueprint files, from different folders.

Hi Alex,

Can you post this to AnswerHub in the “Bugs” section along with all relevant information and engine version you’re currently using?

Please link the AnswerHub post here once you have done this.

Thank you!