Very Low Resolution (kbps) in Metahuman?

I have a great Desktop with a fast CPU, GPU, and plenty memory, but one think I can’t upgrade is my connection speed. I’m limited to an up to 60Mbps connection.

But looking at the Bitrate, 79 kbps is severely under my connection speed which is making the app unusable. Possibly an ISP limit or Servers are just overloaded?

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Please use the ‘Feedback’ button in the bottom right when you see issues like this, that sends us diagnostic information that will help us improve pixel streaming issues like this in future!

I’m also having this issue. I currently have a strong internet connection, I can stream in 4k so I’m not sure what’s causing this. Is there any way to force resolution in MetaHuman?

Yeah still having the issue as well. Tried it the other night and even with 4000+ bitrate the resolution was still low.

It may be due to your location, if you aren’t all that close to the server it’s running off of.

same here. around 2 weeks ago when i started using metahuman editor everything was fine. it was in hi res and i was able to edit but a week after my connection seemed to degrade. Thought it was because a lot of people were using it and servers werent optimized yet. hope this gets addressed or have an offline version of the software if this is possible. Great job Metahumans team though :slight_smile: just thought this might help improve the product.


same here, two months ago is still fine. But recently the resolution is terrible…don’t know why.

I have the same problem, it doesn’t work for me on any browser or PC… ive got ~60MBit/s. This should be enough i guess, but why i it disply me i’ve got bad network performance?