Very low FPS while playing the Composure project

I am studying the Composure recently,and trying to make my own test,but there is a problem coming up,which is I get very low FPS(below 3FPS)while I play the game.I set up almost everything step by step as the official Composure project,but I can’t find the reason why i get such low FPS,there are some screenshots about my setting below.


CPU: Intel i7-6700K

If any one have an idea please suggest me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Can you post some runtime data? Try to search the bottleneck or what is causing the problem: down arrow in the viewport on the top left side → stat → engine → detailed. That should give you a hint of where is the problem.

Thank you for your suggestion,here is my runtime data screenshot,the first pic is the runtime data while using my own backplate sequence,the second one is while using the official backplate sequence,which is a lot smoother.Could you help me find out where is the problem?

I try to decrease the backplate images’ resolution and i do get a higher FPS.I also use the Windows Task Manager to monitor the hardware usage,and i find out that my GPU usage is very unsteady,most of time below 30% while playing,and the FPS is poor,but there is a second that GPU usage is up to 90%,and the FPS is also up to 30fps which is soomth.

I figure it out already!
It’s the compress problem of exr files,i choose piz compress when i export exr sequence from Premiere Pro,i think ue4 is not good at decompressing,so i export none compress exr instead,and it work great in ue4.