Very little problem

Hi guys. I’m “new” to UE4 but I tried UE3 there is a moment now. In UE3, there was a content browser in which we could take props, meshes, … already prepared to use but in UE4, in any project, there is just a few things like the materials, the already placed props but not as many things as in UE3, anyone know if there is the same thing in UE4 ? Thanks !


Hey ElToredo!
Actually UE4 could offer much more free assets than UE3, but you have to download them separately in Launcher!
Open Launcher, then go to Learn tab - all these assets and examples you can download and use for your games. Also definitely check out free Infinity blade assets in Marketplace(In environment section)
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Yeah, thanks a lot !

Also, I saw a lot of tutorials but when I see games that guys created, I see a lot of things I can’t even know how to do, I searched on internet but it’s so hard to make, I would like to find someone that will have the patience to help me through this engine but it’s not easy to find ^^

Thanks for help anyway