Very large shipping build .ipa size in UE 4.22

My packaged game’s .ipa size for shipping build with UE4.19 was 140MB. After updating to UE 4.22 it is now a staggering 470MB! I tried packaging a new FPS template project. It’s .ipa size for shipping build in UE4.22 is also a massive 360MB!

The sizes of .ipa files for development builds are approximately similar for both UE 4.19 and UE 2.22, but the shipping build sizes in UE 4.22 are way off the charts! I would be glad if someone can look into this.

I am in a similar position. When opening .ipa with zip it looks like LLVM takes all the space its about 250MB. I will try and check if its the same for older version.
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Hello all,

“Support bitcode in Shipping” is now on by default in 4.22 Project settings.

Disabling this should result in smaller .ipas

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This worked. Thank you =D

I tried disabling it and enabling it many times in my unreal project (4.22) but absolutely nothing is changing when packaging. Is there something else we have to do apart from disabling ‘support bitcode’ ? My ipa size is always at 328 mb which is ridiculous since my project has barely anything.

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did find a solution?