Very large number of landscape sections! Can't reduce it

No one that can suggest what to do for me?
My landscape is now 1920 sections!
The heightmap has the resolution of 24.000x20.000. I want to keep the reolution and size, but it is set on 255255 qauds, sections size2x2, so I can only lower resolution and/or divide into more sections.
I went in the source and exposed a 510
510 quad size, but the editor can’t handle it so I couldn’t use it. I tried using the 510510 to clip to lower section number but for the editor to try to lower 1920 sections to 480, would take it reading in all the sections AND making calculations based on 510510 quad size on them on , and that is where my computer can’t take it anymore…

When I imported the heightmap it automatically set it to the largest amounts of quads and section size, what can I do to LOWER AMOUNT OF SECTIONS??

Please help, it has halted all developing for me.

24.000x20.000… Holy cow , do you try to recreate earth in ue? ^^
The res. seems a bit high for me…
I would ask at the next space science center or a national university, perhaps they do the calculations for you?
Or try to hijack skynet for this!

Haha, no not the whole earth, but scandinavia actually:P

I agve up on this tho and have settles with that many sections, my Landscapes LOD distance factor is on 4 though so it shouldn’t be a problem even with a regular computer. Most Polygons will be set to LOD level 5-6 most of the time. So it won’t eat up computers