very large Loading Time between levels

Hi everyone, we have a problem, our game are taking too much time loading between levels. We have migrate from version of sdk, of version of unreal, trying nativizing the blueprints, deleting all textures, creating an empty levels in the project and its the same problem, the loading time are 10-15 secconds from level to level. In early stage of develop (only one month ago), the same project take only 2-3 secconds, and we dont make it too much bigger… the bluprints files kb are the same. the fps are good, all are good, only this loading time in every case.

Anyone know whats can be delaying the loading time?

Thanks!!! This comunity is the best =)

this is the stat file profiling

Lightmaps, textures and the amount of actors in level can significantly increase load times.

  • do you have a ton of constructors/begin play script running?
  • is your level one giant level, perhaps push a lot of content into sub levels and load only what you need on main map load
  • do you have a giant nav mesh that needs to build on map load?

Hi people, thanks for reply. Lightmaps, textures and actors are the same of last month , when runing ok and fast loading time, the same for the level size (they are like a room size), and dont have introduced new meshes or textures. Only we change some bluprints and made more characters (its a boxing game, only we spawn two of them).

begin play/constructors, let me check with the programmer…

Hi guys, thanks for the replys, here is a link to the two files, the Ue4stats of the “fast” loading from a month ago, and the actual version with slow loading time. In this month whe optimize bluprints (remove ticks, etcs). No important changes in textures and others stuff. if anyone can look this profiling or have a link for a tutorial to understand the metrics im going to thank you a lot.

Are experiencing these times in a packaged cooked game or just running in PIE?

This also happens to me on PC, I get ridiculously long loading times between levels. :confused:

This times are in packaged cooked game. Both are recorded from the same mobile device -Meizu MX4-, starting in the first level (the level blueprint runs “stat startfile”). The old version (the fastest) loads 4-5 levels. The slower version (the actual) only have 2 loading times and the file is bigger.