Very high temperatures

First, thanks to Epic for this great engine.

But let’s talk about temperatures.
By using UE4 on my gaming laptop, doing nothing, the GTX780M GPU temperature reaches 80?C quickly.
And the 4800MQ CPU temperature follows closely.
Is this normal?


Yep, thats normal. The same happens to me when I use it on my laptop -> you can avoid that with chaning the max fps rate to a lower value

Yea you 680m gets that hot even when playing a simple game. I would not expect it too lower your card too much in temp but 80c is quite normal if you running something that stresses your laptop.

is it normal with UE4 on “idle” mode?

ok, as a developer says:


Yea but its not just for laptops that is happening on even my desktop has some stuttering and usage problem. Along with mac which has the worse but they will fix it :slight_smile:

The UE4 never ran pretty good on laptops (even in the beta), but it’s good to hear that they will improve it

My laptop is an almost identical machine, and yeah, it also struggles pretty badly with UE4. You really want to be using a desktop.

Hey everyone,

I’m locking this thread, there is already a hardware specific thread going so please post there for future hardware discussion. Thank you!

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