Very first kitchen in UE4

A few years ago I did a few kitchen designs for people, just doing it as a hobby for the most part. I used Autodesk Inventor to create the models and then used Autodesk Showcase as the render program. I was blown away at what Showcase could do at that time… I fell out of interest up until about a month ago. I downloaded UE4 and have been trying to learn as much as possible! Here’s a sample of my “old” work and two photos from UE4. I will add a link to a video as soon as I put the final touches on it. I used a variety of Blueprints to turn three separate banks of lights off/on as well as colors for most of the meshes. Really impressed with the power of this program and I look forward to progressing my skills! I’ve never really been involved with materials or lighting in my background, so take it easy on me haha thanks for taking a look!

Update: Here’s a video that I just finished doing…