(VERY EARLY WiP) Fanmade sequel to Spec Ops: The Line

Hi everybody. For a long time I’ve had an idea for a fan-made sequel to Spec Ops: The Line. And since the announcement of Yager’s development of Dead Island 2 during this year’s E3, I’ve realized that more Spec Ops isn’t likely to happen anytime soon unless I make it myself. I’m currently working on a concept trailer in Source Filmmaker (I’m a writer/Cutscene guy by trade, so that’s what I know how to do), and I’m fully aware how it looks for some nobody with next to no technical skills to set up an account on here to post about my “kewl idea” without a thing to show for it, but if by some miracle this happens, I really want to make it using UE4 (since the original game was made in UE3) so I thought it best to come on here and see if anyone was remotely interested in the idea.

I’ll go into detail on the story when I finish the trailer and can set up a ModDB page, but basically it would follow after the “Road to Glory” ending of the original game, Where Captain Walker successfully kills the U.S soldiers sent to rescue him and goes back into Dubai. The story would follow a team of Tier One Operators sent in to Dubai to find Walker and bring him in for court martial.

I know a lot of people aren’t in favor of a sequel to Spec Ops (At least those who even know what Spec Ops is) but what I want to do is something like the Bioshock 2 to “The Line’s” Bioshock. a story in the same universe made by dedicated fans of the original. Then if Yager ever decides to revisit Spec Ops, their game will be like the Bioshock Infinite of the series. A lot of people like Bioshock 2, but a lot of people don’t, and in the same way I expect this idea to be pretty polarizing. Which is why I wanted to post this thread to gauge interest. I’m not expecting much, but if someone sees this who has played Spec Ops, and actually likes the idea of a fanmade sequel, I’d appreciate the support. Thanks for your time.


Ha! Will have an eye on this :wink:

I just noticed your signature…holy ****:eek: Thanks for the vote of confidence!

im playing the line for the first time right now and i like it a lot, definitely be watching for this

Really liked Spec Ops, one of the few shooters that I actually cared about the story/characters. Will be watching this :slight_smile:

Finally made some progress! It’s not much, but a talented friend of mine created a logo for the (potential) game while I’m working on the (very early concept) trailer.

Let me know what you think!