Very distant Actors farther than 1km (100000uu) from camera do not generate onClick events

How to reproduce:

  1. Start new blank project, you will get two chairs with table on platform.
  2. Enable mouse interactions (check mouse, cursor, Mouse click and over events in your PlayerController, use your player controller in your game controller and use your game controller in project and world settings) as usual for mouse cursor interactions).
  3. Select chair and make onClick handler in level blueprint, set it to just print “Clicked”. Make another chair to fire the onClick event too and attach to the same print. (See attached screenshot of level blueprint).
  4. Play the level, click on chairs and get “Clicked” message on clicking both chairs.
  5. Make the second chair big and very distant > 1km (x: -100000, y:0, z:30000, scale: 100), like in attached picture.
  6. Play the level, click on near chair and get “Clicked” message. Click on big distant chair and observe absence of any messages and event triggering.

I tried LOD settings, various cull settings and volumes, on mouse over events and can not make it work (. I would really appreciate for any help with workaround on how to make distant actors to trigger onClick events.

Note: mouse interaction settings was set up properly, as clicking on near chair works.

Unreal Engine Version: 4.7.3

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce this on my end and have entered a bug report, UE-12850 to be assessed by the development staff.

Thank you a lot!

I’ve made workaround for this bug by using line tracing in my player controller blueprint, but I had to use custom event for that “click”.

(sorry for my image composing skills, I have no photoshop on this PC)

This is still an issue, it would seem, and really annoying :slight_smile: Any traction on this internally?

This should be in 4.8, it may not be in the previews that have come out yet but it has been fixed and tested internally.