Very big archviz scene

Hello all,

Let me introduce to you to the VR scene that I was doing with my students. Our faculty is very big, around 22000m2. Building without foliage contains 374190 faces. FPS is above 90, everything is baked. Real time lights are only in long corridors where you can turn them on/off. Mesh was separated for level streaming, but in the end there was no need for that because gtx980 handled it very well.

Scene shots:


HTC Vive scene presentation (Serbian language), where you can see VR usage. Teleportation and scene interaction (teleportation, lights, doors) added via Vive controllers.

We have also done virtual presentation for students at our faculty, big space ideal for Room scale movement:

Also we had very some important guests from the Government of the Republic of Serbia. We have explained to them what virtual reality is through our VR scene and the power of real-time graphics with Unreal game engine. Impressions were beyond expected.

If you like my work, feel free to contact me!

:slight_smile: hvala Bogu neko nas :smiley: dobar rendering, ali zgrada izgleda ko da je iz juge :smiley:

Very cool stuff. Quick technical question for you. It looks like you are using some planar reflection actors for the screenshots if I’m not mistaken. Were those still enabled for the VR experience? Ive had trouble getting them to work and also they seem to kill framerates pretty quickly.

Hvala Kratos :slight_smile:

Dminiato: yes, reflections are enabled because they are not expensive for VR at all and they look fantastic in VR. For floor I have used box reflections and for chairs and other furniture spherical.

Look for reflection probes:

Ohh! My mistake, I didn’t know they were just regular reflection captures and not the Planar reflection actors that epic introduced in 4.12. Yea they look great!


Looks surprisingly good for a big scene like that. Was it a long build for the lighting?

Thank you Phil, rendering took around 14 hours, lots of lightmaps.

Looks good, very interesting!

Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep moving.

specification comp?

Thz MonkeyRED, Pinotti

GTX 980

I forgot to add 360 render

thats awesome! could you tell us a little about your light setup? Only Sky/Sun Light?