Very basic question. about using Splines as a road

So i am trying to use splines for roads in my project. “Not Landscape Spline” because i want to have the player be able to use it to build roads like in city:skylines.
All the info i find Works-Ish

I dont know if my Google-Fu is just bad or what but i cannot find much of anything that really pertains to what im working on other than people giving vague descriptions like " You need to make X and Y talk to Z and sprinkle magic fairy dust and tada!". if i am barking up the wrong tree on how to achieve what im aiming for please let me know

Found out what the issue was.

Uploading: Unreal Engine 5 2023.01.25 - - Trim.mp4…

took a better look at the spline component and saw what i was doing with that BP
Just needed to add a for-each loop to delete the meshes, and then execute the rest of the script [shown in the picture]