Very Basic Cave Generation through Visibility tool not working (Screen inside)

Whenever i try to use the Visiblity tool to create a hole i get this:


Documentation reference: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Landscape/Editing/SculptMode/index.html

I did exactly as described in the documentation, there’s a hole material set in the landscape as you can see in the screenshot, the visbility tool is selected, but instead of creating a hole when Ctrl+Clicking it applies the hole texture to the landscapecomponent (which was 100% grass before clicking) in a very weird way and not substracting anything of the terrain.

I feel like i’m missing something very basic, i couldn’t find anything in youtube videos or outside the documentation as i’m not getting the same results as in there.

Any help would be appreciated, this drives me completely mad.

I think you need to make caves in separate software such as maya.

Probably this thread helps you: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?8548-Creating-*******-replaces-Landscape-Material :slight_smile:

Thanks i saw this thread but wasn’t sure wether it adresses my problem… the documentation still isn’t fixed then, and also i don’t quite understand what to do exactly now on how to fix this. I’m rather new to UE4 in general, and maybe i should lay it off till then.

(i also tried to solve the issue with substracting Geometry objects from the world but it seems it only substracts from other solid geometry objects)

Just try it out if it will fix your problem :slight_smile: As it is mentioned in the thread the hole material should look the same as the “normal” one -> just that you have to connect a landscape visibility mask

You can only use the tools like substract, … on geometry objects -> so no landscapes, meshes,…

Make sure to post a picture of your material setup