Very bad performance

This seems like a driver issue so you better keep it up to date. You could also try the beta versions of nvidia drivers (Official Drivers | NVIDIA) to see if they fixed the slowdown you experienced.

idk whats wrong with ue4 i cant do anything when ever i try to import textures i got this error OUT OF VIDEO MEMORY TRYING TO ALLOCATE A RENDERING SOURCE…
and when i restart it i can import them but my fps dropps to 20 and its very bad non of these happened before i tried everything on internet non of them works after i tried them now i can import them without any problem but now i cant use cube or i guess any shapes from ue4 when i try to use them it crashed without any error

my system is:
16 gb ram , gtx 1050 ti , core i7 7700hq
i use laptop
and when ever i got that error if i go to play a game i get this error: your graphic card dosent support directx 11…
btw i got new error while writing this:
i put both errors pictue

btw 1 month ago nvidia drive released an update that was very bad because when i tried to play some games the fps was on 5 but my pc could play it on 60 fps easily so i downgrade drive version every thing was ok…until these errors