Very annoying pop-up flood

Hello, this started with 4.26. Is there a way to disable this pop-up “flooding” over each other all the time?

it makes working in PIE so annoying. It’s not that I don’t want to fix that error, I can and I will but sometimes you just have to unplug eventbeginplay to test different things, for example just to test soundfx or music, and this keeps popping up!

This is the most annoying quirk in the history of UE4, please change my mind:p And it is really driving me crazy…

Yeah, I hate this too. Currently remaking my atmo/weather systems and have been copying bp code from the old one, so a whole bunch of actor references are missing in old bp and are referenced in new bp, and every test I do I get spammed with the popups. I ended up docking the message log to stop that from popping up, although it still switches to that tab and the side notifications are a pita.

Yeah, when you dock, it still pops up again and again as you said…I can’t believe we can customize the editor to many extends but can’t even prevent a pop-up, which really hinders development process & concentration.