Vertical alignment of fonts in UMG?

I only see horizontal alignment of fonts. I need to align some text to the bottom of a rectangle in my UI. Is this not possible until a future release? If so maybe I can get in there and add this in?

Place the text in another container that allows alignment at the bottom, something like an Overlay panel, or a Vertical Box.

Hmm, I actually ended up modifying the engine to add vertical justification. :slight_smile:

I might do a pull request later but I still need to figure out how to make it show 3 buttons like it does for horizontal justification instead of a menu to select the enum.


search for, PropertyModule.RegisterCustomPropertyTypeLayout(TEXT(“ETextJustify”),

You’ll need to have a new property customization for whatever new enum type you added.

Cool Thanks!

I think I came with an easy solution for this problem
It’s not perfect but it works (at least for me)
NOTE: This only works for vertical alignment, since there’s the option Justification that already aligns Horizontally


Go to Appearance - Click in Arrow Show Advanced

Expand Margin and pick nonsense high values for Top and Bottom

It will try to apply that margin (always unsuccessful) ending up in centring it