Vertexes don't appear when moving pivot

I’m trying to move the pivot using Alt + V + MMB to snap it to the corner of my object like explained here but the vertexes aren’t appearing so the pivot ends up off. I’m I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

You have to enable “vertex snapping” in the “settings” :slight_smile:

Right, I tried that as well… It gets me closer to what I need, but the object isnt snapping to the correct location because I can’t move the pivot point at all when vertex snapping in enabled.

In my case it works perfectly :slight_smile:
-What happens when you try to move the pivot point? → does he just stays at the same place,…
-you try to move him with alt+v+middle mouse button?

With vertex snapping disabled I’m able to move the pivot point but it wont snap to vertexes because they dont appear. With vertex snapping enable I’m not able to re-position the pivot point at all, but I am able to snap the object to other vertexes, just not in the correct location…
Yes, I move it with alt v middle mouse

I take that second part back… I am able to move the pivot point with vertex snapping turned on, but the vertexes appear in the world on other objects and not the selected object.

Hmm, I have no clue what you are doing wrong :frowning:
But keep in mind that you have to stay in the object when you are moving the pivot -> this is a little bit tricky when you just have some few vertices (e.g with a cube)