Vertex_Color_Import_Options Questions

So I can easily do something like this.
options.static_mesh_import_data.set_editor_property(‘generate_lightmap_u_vs’, True)

and it will generate lightmap UVs on import.

But I am probably missing something very basic here but I can not figure out how to set VertexColorImportOptions in a similar way. And I can not find anything but the API reference pages on it and well…they didnt help me.

Good morning!

Have you tried this syntax:

options.static_mesh_import_data.set_editor_property('vertex_color_import_option', unreal.VertexColorImportOption.IGNORE)

VertexColorImportOption is an enum with 3 choices, here is the doc:

Thank you Alex, that works.

ops I had just typed the actual number instead of unreal.VertexColorImportOption.IGNORE

Thanks for the help !