Vertex sprites, or instanced meshes? What's the best way to plot 100k particles in UE4

I have a demo I created in Three.js that I would like to port over to UE4. It’s a dataset of about 100k star locations (in parsecs) points in X/Y/Z. Basically, I’d like to be able to define geometry where each vertex is one of those points, and then render either a billboard sprite at the point of each vertex, or if there’s a super efficient way to render a simplified sphere that would work too. I’m just getting started in C++ in UE4 and feeling a little lost, though I’m no slouch at Blender modelling/skinning, GLSL and so on. It’s more just how things move around in unreal, and how to get this particular kind of thing going. Thanks in advance, happy to provide more info if it helps!

OK, so far I’ve gotten pretty solid performance with simple geometry and about 110k instanced static meshes. I got my dataset in using a csv file and a custom Struct, there’s a few tutorials kicking around. Still struggling with overlap querying on instanced meshes and unique materials for different instances. Will post more as I find it, still would be really interested into how one might get a GL_POINT based pointcloudy thing working, esp if it could be modifiable in blueprints.