Vertex Snapping does not always work properly! It is such a pain.

Hi guys!

First of all, i love the power of Unreal Engine!

But i am struggling with such a simple feature: vertex snapping (in the editor).

Holding V while middle mouse the pivot allows it to move through the vertices… but it always seems to snap to the wrong vertex (normally a vertex far away from the object itself).
The same occurs holding V while moving the object, it seems to snap to a vertex far far away when it should snap to a vertex near it.
It does work occasionally, but this make the level design in the editor way more frustrating that it should be.

I´ve been triyng to isolate the object in order to work with vertex snapping (by hiding all objetcs except the one i need to work with), but it does not help a lot with the vertex snapping precision and it makes the workflow more hard.

Rama had a good plugin to workaround that specific issue, but it is not updated in a while.

Thanks a lot! I hope this can be addressed soon.