Vertex painting vs Decals ?

I was preparing to add fine detail variation to my level(detailing corridors,assets and what ever I can decide it needs more) and wanted to know which technique is better in therms of performance?

Are there any trade offs between using vertex painting(I kind of like it better with material instances combo) or are decals suited better for the job?
Some of my assets are probably a little high(like 5k triangles) not sure if that is bad for the vertex painting performance.

They’re both pretty friendly on performance. What matters most there is how complex the material is.

Most of the meshes in my game are pretty low-poly, and the vertices are really far apart, so vertex painting doesn’t look great on most of them. Even doing things like a snow variation, where the dot product with vect(0,0,1) blends snow, don’t look great on my meshes. But if your meshes are mostly high-poly, then vertex painting should look fine.

You could also do a mix of the two.

Thank you. Yeah, mine are mostly mid poly so vertex painting works.Materials are like 70-110 instructions I think? Not sure if that is a lot or where exactly is the acceptable level for instruction amount.