Vertex painting pixelated textures


How to vertex paint pixelated textures without having the gradient visible? Adjusting the contrast doesn’t help it just creates artifacts.

This example was achieved with height lerp. Ideally I would only want the edges of the painted areas to be pixelated without any gradient whatsoever.

This plane is 400 units in size and I can not increase polygon count.

Thanks in advance

Hi, I know this is really old but maybe someone will find this useful.

I found this post: unity - Cutout fragment shader pixels arent square - Game Development Stack Exchange (someone had similar problem in unity)

and I basically just copied code in that post and pasted it into custom node, here is the result:

It isn’t perfect but still better than nothing.

For anyone interested, this is the code, you just need to create 3 inputs: UVMap,VertexCol and TextureRes;

float2 texelPos = UVMap*TextureRes;
float2 texelCenter = floor(texelPos) + 0.5f;
float2 delta = (texelCenter - texelPos) * (1.0f/TextureRes);
float2 gradient = float2(ddx(VertexCol), ddy(VertexCol));
float2x2 uvToScreen;
float determinant = uvToScreen[0][0] * uvToScreen[1][1] - uvToScreen[0][1] *uvToScreen[1][0];
float2x2 result = {uvToScreen[1][1], -uvToScreen[0][1], -uvToScreen[1][0],uvToScreen[0][0]};
float2x2 ScreenToUV;
ScreenToUV = result * 1.0f/determinant;
gradient = mul(ScreenToUV, gradient);
return VertexCol+dot(gradient,delta);

Here is the setup:

Hope this helps!