Vertex Painting on Multiple Spline Mesh Components

Hello dear friends.

I am trying to make a spline mesh based road. Thats why my spline road BP contains more than one spline mesh components (in the construction script). And i need to paint its vertices. Everything working fine BUT i can paint ONLY the mesh that contained by the FIRST SPLINE MESH COMPONENT and i cant paint rest of the spline mesh. You can see in the screenshot what i wanna mean. What do you think? Is that bug or something? What can i do? This is so ridiculous. Im using UE5.

Okay, now i stopped the construction script and moved whole BP to a custom event (with call in editor option). Now the opposite happened. I can paint the last spline mesh component and still cant paint rest of the mesh. What am i missing? Screenshot:

Finded kind of solution.

I set false this option in: Editor Preferences > Content Editors - Blueprint Editor > Hide Construction Script Components in Details View

Now i can see the hidden components that added by construction script. Selecting these components and vertex painting indivudually allowed. Multiple selections not working.