Vertex painting not working

vertex painting breaks after clicking once when wanting to blend, is this an issue with ue5 or am i doing something wrong? thanks for helping!

I haven’t found a solution/reason (sorry) but I’ve been having the exact same issue so far

Same here, you click once, then you can´t paint anymore, you have to get out of painting mode, and enable it again to be able to paint one time, then it brakes again.

Ok, as long as the mousse is still giving input the painting works, as soon as it´s released it brakes. I found something that may be useful, to re activate the painting just click on the weights or textures tab, then go back to the colors tab, it´s annoying to do that every time but quicker than going out of painting mode and back, and as long as the mousse is pressed it will paint until released. Hope Epic release a fix for this soon.

Edit: Another workaround, after loosing the paint, click escape, and reclick on the mesh to regain the painting.