Vertex painting not working on some objects in the scene, brush is not showing when mouse over it

I have strange problem in 4.25 as vertex painting is just not working on my ground object. It doesn’t show brush when I mouse over it, it just moves camera around if I left click.

If I select any other object like rock or wooden bridge it works normal and brush is shown and painting works well.

I’ve tried to do various things with the ground object before importing again, like to split it in more elements, to tasselate it, to optimize it after… but nothing works.

I’ve tried to open project in 4.24 and regardless I was not able to open any map ofc, I’ve managed to import the same fbx and do vertex painting normaly but that doesn’t help as I have many separate layers and need to paint snow areas around the house and large rocks with different types of snow.

I am getting desperate as this is basically one of the last things I need to do before I can export animation.
What can be the reason why is vertex paint brush not showing on this object?

(it actually showed for a split second if I mouse over on some mesh parts, but it just looks really bugged )

I have applied xform and did everything I could in 3D max to be sure the mesh is good and healthy before exporting as fbx.

[edit] I have also noticed brush is not showing for a few more objects in the scene, vertex painting looks really bugged in 4.25 for me for some reason.

Same problem here. Paint tool just move camera.