Vertex painting Landscape Spline doesn't work

UE: 4.5

OS: Win 8.1 Pro

I’m not sure if vertex painting should work with Landscape Splines, but when I tried to do so with properly created material (vertex painting changes it accordingly on a normal mesh actor), editor reacted very unnaturally. Everything slowed down or froze completely and my Task Manager showed 100% strain on my HDD. Sometimes everything calmed down after some time but tool doesn’t show any effect whatsoever.

Building my level first helped a bit with slowdowns but tool was still ineffective.

Hi Nox_A15,

When you say vertex painting, are you referring to layer painting with landscapes or vertex painting as you would a static mesh?

Hi ,

As with a static mesh. I created a Landscape Spline in the Landscape mode (Shift+3) and tried to use Paint mode (Shift+2) to vertex paint it.

Painting landscapes in the Landscape mode (Shift+3) works fine. It’s a bit clunky in my opinion, but that’s probably a topic for another discussion. :slight_smile:

Can you show me how you have your landscape material set up?

If you mean for painting Landscape Spline problem, then I don’t need to - just create any Landscape on an empty map (even without material at all), make a Landscape Spline on it, then attach to its segments a mesh with a simple material. It don’t even need to have Vertex Color node in it, slowdowns will show up as well during painting. Very easy and quick to recreate.

In the material for my spline I use the vertex colour just as a mask in one Lerp. It works on a simple mesh, but on Landscape Spline paint doesn’t work at all.

Hi Nox_A15,

This does not seem to be currently possible in the editor. The reason is that for vertex painting you have to be able to select the individual mesh that you wish to paint. With splines you are unable to do so while the vertex paint mode is open.

Thank you for clarifying this issue. Slowdowns should be considered a bug regardless (but probably not so important if it’s not meant to work in the first place :)). Are there any plans to make Paint mode available with Splines?

Unfortunately at this time I do not have a good answer for this. Please keep a lookout in future release notes, which can be found in the announcements section of the forums at .

Ok, thank you for your time . Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

bump to request feature add. If there’s one thing that could really benefit from some visual differentiation, it’s long spline meshes (walls, fences, etc). Either that, or improve the rendering of the DBuffer decals…