Vertex paint in maya or not?

Hi,i have a house like farcry 4 , textured with plaster and i wanted to paint exposed brick on walls , should i give vertex color information to mesh in maya or should i use noise multiplied with vertex color node like in this series of tutorial from barry lowndes - .

Another question about lod’s . How do you guys create lod’s for complex mesh like rock which is unwrapped and textured ?

  1. i use the vert pain tool in UDK for this stuff, i prefer painting in UDK so all my instances can be unique. i prefer how barry is doing it in that video. my preference though.

  2. for the rocks, i would duplicate your rock for your LOD and start taking polygons out of it. deleting edges and reducing until you have a nice LOD while maintaining your uvs.

Thanks for replying, for the rock i used reduce option in Maya which really helped me save time