Vertex paint bake on LOD texture?

Is there a built in way to do this?

The idea is you can vertex paint the high poly mesh however you see fit, but when you step out the LOD kicks in (say its a wall, so 1 vertex every .1 meters = approx 280 vertices you can use to paint stuff).
however since the LOD has only 4 vertices you would completely loose (or almost completely) any detail that is painted on.

Is there currently any way to bake down the reault of the vertex painting as a mask directly off to the lower level LOD?

The alternative is going to be creating a Baking system that just snaps different textures for the asset, but aside from dealing with the scenerender2d component again, and saving out the render texture, this would probably cause quite a high file size load in the overall final project (if each wall that has been painted ends up getting a custom texture)…
so, wondering what others have done if a built in way is not available…

Vertex painting is essentially a mask, could just bake out a low resolution mask to use instead.

​​​​​​Also avoid over optimizing, using 4 vertices for a wall isn’t going to give you twice the frame rate as using 8 or even 16. The draw call of having a wall in the first place and material are likely going to cost more performance than 100 vertices.

Trying to benchmark that actually, but the reason for multi LOD is to bake down /merge actors and move the lower end res for a mobile platform where less everything is probably better.
And yes I could bake out the mask, but if I bake out the full texture plus normal it’s a less intensive material when moving to mobile.