Vertex manipulation for tree roots

Hey there,
I’m looking for a solution for an aesthetic problem. We got some scanned trees and the bottom of them are like a root-plains. They are sticking out of the landscape on hills or mountains.

So do you know a solution for this? Or do you have an Idea how to fit the vertices of the tree to the landscape?

Here is an example image of the problem.

Within a material, you could mask by Z axis and perform a WPO to curl them down in a spherical fashion. Won’t be easy, but it could be done. Another alternative is to make a version of the mesh where you break up the mesh into different mesh pieces. The tree would need to be capped where the roots are disconnected. You could then hide/unhide various root pieces. Keep in mind that this would up draw calls for each mesh component. The third alternative would be to just make a second mesh without the roots.