Vertex Editing on brush geometry doesn't work

It generally always does, but, for instance, if I want to modify vertices on a rotated, clipped cylinder brush, it won’t work. Apparently, after rotating brush, it becomes ineditable. Also happens sometimes with Linear Staircase brushes. I say sometimes because if I build one with a large amount of vertices, move it and then try to edit it, it won’t work, but if I make it smaller, edit it, THEN move it and increase steps or anything, it works.

I’m a bit at a loss here. Is it a bug? Why does that happen?

Hey Artistical,

I haven’t been able to reproduce issue you are describing. Would you mind giving me some exact steps that always lead to this behavior? Thanks!

I start by building a linear staircase, in this case a big one, with 25 steps, 300 units wide, height of 25.Once is done, and I move it into position, I realized I have one grid unit off, so I try to vertex edit last step to no avail. No vertices can be edited. Same happens with Pen tool and Create Convex Polygons. Create Convex Polygons feature has to be removed in order to create a Pen solid that can be edited. That’s what I’ve found, at least. I’m using 4.2

Hey Artistical,

Thanks for details you provided. I was able to reproduce issue and I will file a bug report in our database for our developers. There are many known issues with Geometry system, including entire brush resetting after updating Details and vertex editing, and it is likely this will not be fixed until a new Geometry tool is implemented. There is no current timeline for this, though you can vote for it on our Roadmap:

In meantime, unfortunately, there won’t be much you can do. Geometry tools in UE4 are very basic, and you might have a much easier time using them merely for blocking and using an external modelling program for more specific shapes and sizes.

Thanks for report!

Thanks for answer. To be honest, I don’t think Geometry tools in UE4 are basic at all. Most of my Static Meshes are done in-engine, and I don’t really miss 3DS Max other than odd UV map. UE3 Editor had a feature that made possible creating staircase brushes (linear, curved and spiral) with height 0 that resulted in a brush composed of faces that could be extruded independently. If possible, that feature in UE4 would be fantastic.