Versus Online - Tech Demo Presentation 2016


Hey guys!

My name is Arcadius Situn and I’m the Sole Founder and Head Developer for Valkyrie Studios and we are proud to present to you Versus Online. Versus Online will be a Free to Play Third Person Online Action RPG game set in a world where a grand tournament is held every 1000 years; Participants gather from around the world to part take in the Valkyrian Games in hopes for pride, glory and immortality.

The first Tech Demo you see is just a teaser trailer and the Tech Demo as a whole is split up into 4 parts. I shall upload the other 3 later but first I hope you will enjoy this little teaser trailer :slight_smile:

The game in this stage is pre pre-Alpha, and I have yet to program game logic to the character you see in the tech demo, meaning certain things like toggle visibility on sword between state transitions of passive and in combat, certain artifacts on textures and slight morphing of the mesh. There is no combat system yet and the skills and abilities have basic animations with sounds. I hope to have these completed in the future so I can show you a 1v1 duel against a bot showcasing key elements of the game, BUT… unfortunately my ability with node-editing is extremely elementary so I hope in perhaps the coming weeks I would be able to find a team to help me get a solid Alpha build. Meaning, I AM RECRUITING UP TO 30 PEOPLE WITH SKILLED HANDS TO MAKE THIS GAME A REALITY! UNPAID WORK BUT WE CAN GET TO CLOSED BETA IN 1 MONTH! MONEY IN YOUR POCKET IN 2 MONTHS!

My contact details:
skype- A.Situn

ALPHA CAN BE DONE IN 1 MONTH, how is this possible you say? Well, what the game has to offer is extremely simple. Once you have logged in and chose your character or have created your character you will be put in the game lobby world. The game lobby world is a single map plane that is simply a square platform 30000 feet in the air. The game lobby world contains several assets for instance: merchant, food merchant ie: restaurant, trade broker (auction), blacksmith and/or crafting merchants and 4 obelisks providing the player 4 game modes. That’s it! The only other maps to render are the maps for the game modes.

The 4 game modes will be:

  1. 10-man free for all across 3 maps,
  2. 1v1 across 3 maps,
  3. 3v3 1map,
  4. 6v6 tag team style (winner stays on) 1 map.

So that will be 9 maps in total. Players can also declare duels with other players within the game lobby world so technically will be 5 game modes :slight_smile:

Players will have 12 slots to choose for their skills and abilities (11 considering 1 slot is reserved for basic attack). Players can also use more than 1 of the same skill on the skillbar, giving the players the option for an accumulative effect or use one after the other duration has ended for a prolonged effect. There will be 3 primary professions 1. Heavy Armor (Plate Armor), 2. Leather Armor, 3. Cloth Armor with each branching off to sub professions. Each sub profession will have 5-7 unique abilities with 30 universal abilities that is shared across all the professions. So in short the player has up to 40 abilities to choose from giving them over 2 billion possible combinations.

That is it! The reason we can get to closed beta within a month is because of these said factors. The game’s sole driving force for retention is player versus player combat built within a simple game world without the AAA MMO style content the industry standard offers currently, this is why the game can be launched relatively quick.

ps: game will be running on 8k streaming textures :smiley:

looking good keep hard working (=

bumping thread if ok ty!!

aren’t those the infinity blade maps?

Hey, im a pretty good with BP/VisualScripting, i can help if you want.

Yes Ryan they are the infinity blade maps from the market place. I just sent you a pm PheonixGaming.