Versioning or syncing Content

Whats the prefered way to put content under version control? Perforce? SVN?
Right now we are using git to store our C++ code, but we are in desperate need for a solution that allows us to share our content files - not necessarily versioning it.

We thought of using file syncing tools, such as rsync, deltacopy, but storing the content elsewhere leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

I know this is kind of a broader question, however I’d like to see what other peeps are using, epic especially, to go about their binary blobs of content.

if you are a smaller studio you might want to use perforce.
i use it for ~10 years now. and it works. it is well implemented in the unreal engine and it is free up to 20 seats.
however if you are new to it, expect some time to get used to it.