version up and save in Unreal, is it possible?

Hi All, I am new to Unreal and I am not able to find an easy answer to this.

How can you save as…? (version up and save I mean)
In Unreal, the project structure seems to be a bit different than any other packages, it is useful to version up in case you mess with the settings of the project the layout of objects or if you realise that you have deleted something you need or again if you break a shader or a blueprint and you want to go back on a previous version of your project. It seems that you can only save one file and the old versions are doomed to get lost forever.

The only solution I have found is to back up the entire project but it is not very handy to do with projects going towards the order of Gb of data.
In Maya or Houdini, I have reached very easily v100 of a save. I can’t imagine to backup all that data.

When you search for “how to save as… in Unreal” it is giving you the result on how to let a player save the same, or the backup solution I have mentioned, or to save a level.
Even if you save a level and you mess with the shaders or blueprints, it is not easy to go back and I feel I have to version up every individual element I am creating instead.

Am I missing something?

The best option always is a full backup. Zip any project folders and store them, a 4TB HDU is pretty cheap nowadays. And even better having at least two copies of all backups on two HDUs. For big projects you can mantain just the last three versions. Unless you got a 16TB HDU.

For maps, you can save as for a new version without saving over your existing map file, but for assets it can’t do that, they just save over the asset.
Your options are to look into a backup repository system, like Perforce, Azure devops, etc. Those would allow you to push changes to a project and also allow you to revert back to older versions. It’s stored in the cloud so it’s not taking up space on your PC.