Version Support

Hi there.
I’ve recently published an asset using version 4.19. I’ve been prompted to up my asset to support version 4.20. Could someone please tell me what the easiest way to do this is. I’m pretty sure it will be supported in 4.20 but i would like to test it first.
I tried opening a new version of 4.20 and adding my package to project but as it was submitted in 4.19 its not allowing me to add it.
Is the best way to create a new project using 4.20 and to import all may assets again and set everything up and then package it all up again in this newer version and submit this new package. This seems a bit long winded.
Just like to know what everyone else has been doing?

I guess it should work if you create a 4.19 project, add you package there, then open the project with 4.20 and choose to convert in place when prompted.

would i then have to submit a version of the package in 4.19 or is it enough to then just flag the item as being compatible in 4.20