Version counter and iOS Error

Ok. This may be a little convoluted…

I have an App that is currently being tested on TestFlight. The first time I uploaded there, the version was 1.0(.85)

Where did the .85 get created? I assume that it was incremented every time I packaged in developer mode. Is that correct?

If so, fair enough.

Now, when I went to upload a new build for the testers, it had changed to 1.0(.95) - Why the jump? Why not 1.0(.86)?

The next package I forgot to empty the iOS folder in Binaries for the project. Obviously, I got a signing error because of the ‘Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed’ error.

On a side note, do we really need to empty that folder each time or am I crazy? That is the only thing that solves it for me…

However, looking at the Build>iOS>Resources>xxx.PackageVersionCounter file, it was now at .98 - Should it increment on a failed build?

Anyhow, that package failed, so I deleted the contents of the Binaries>iOS folder and tried again. Success!

Now at version 1.0(.101)… Am I missing something? Is this how it should work? Can I force it to only increment on successful builds and only one at a time (.95) to (.96) and so on?