Version Controll


currently my Project grows and I want to involve other develeopers to my project. So a version Control-Software is needed. I know this question was ask quite frequently but I still have no clue what kind of solution I should use.

I have some experiance with GIT, but git is more for pure source code rather then uassests.

So I was thinking about Perfoce Free Indie Game Development Tools but I don’t find any limits for the Project Size (currently the Projects is multiple gigabytes in size).

An other solution would be hosting git by myself.

How do other Projects solve these problems?

I think Perforce and GitHub are the most common used from what I have heard. I have been using GitHub personally when working on projects, there is an addon you can download for uploading larger files which may be useful. I am unsure of the differences between them though.

I’m hosting my own P4 server, and the server depo is on Dropbox (I have a 1Tb SSD with a 1Tb Dropbox plan on it, that’s $99 a year)
My pc hosting the server is opened up to the web so anyone can log in to the P4 server. I’ve been using this setup for a while with no issues.
Since my project involves 5 people or less, this is way cheaper than paying for online P4 hosting, and I have all the control and space I need :slight_smile:
Also my internet is 1Gb up/down fiber optic…

How can I get the Perforce Sorftware? Is this the right adress?

Server: Download Helix Core (P4D) | Perforce
Visual Client: Helix Visual Client (P4V) | Perforce