Version Control. Subversion

hey guys, looking to get some input on setting up UE4 with Subversion.

Currently client side is handled by tortoise SVN, and server is Subversion Edge, on windows server2012 R2

so far I have tried to have UE4 plugin to subversion and it links up fine but any time I add and commit UE fails to commit and the log show the error that “x” is not a working copy.

if I manually version the directories of “content” inside the project folder I get no complaints, but when ever I open the project the editor crashes and closes.

anyone else using Subversion?

Hi GBrodeur. Would you mind posting this question to our AnswerHub site so we can track the issue more easily? Please see this post for instructions on how to provide us with the info we need to help you more effectively.

Thanks. feel free to del/close.