Version Control over Internet


My goal is to have a version control (SVN, Perforce etc.) to manage a project over Internet. First of all I want to mention that I dont know about servers, hosting etc. I am CG artists not an server administrator ;) I was looking for a way to work on a bigger project (it is 7 GB and it will grow) with my teammate. I tried to make an SVN but it is pretty slow and it will take weeks to send it over it. I know that it is not designet to send such big binary files. Then I was looking for some hosting sites but there are another problems. The space that their provide are to small for such project and with bigger disks the price is way to high. We need at least 20 GB HDD. Another thing is that they are to slow. My uploading it 700kB/s but on a site like cloudforge I got 90kB/s (besides of that they dont allow to have big files and projects).
I do have an FTP server (paid) but the SVN is not working very well and I cant make it work with Perforce. There isnt even an SVN server instaled but I managed to send it somehow :) I was looking at Perfoce but I cant finde any hosting. I guess they dont provide any and I cant make a server at home. I want to find some paid server :slight_smile:

So the problems are:

  1. To small HDD on hostings sites
  2. To slow hostings sites
  3. To high prices for bigger HDD
  4. To slow working SVN on FTP

Do You know a very good hosting service to send big files/big project very fast and with big HDD? Maybe there are some other ways to work on one project with UE4?


I guess what you are really looking for is a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This means that you have full root access (administration rights) on a virtual machine somewhere. Then you can install any revision control you want (plus mail, plus webserver, plus teamspeak, plus owncloud, plus…). And you usually have 10+ GB. Price ranges from pennys to a lot of dollars - you get what you pay for. Good starting point is (international comparision).

Personally, I have a VPS at a european hoster with 2 CPU cores, 100 Mbit connection, 4 B Ram, 300 GB disk space and I pay 16,99 EUR / Month.

Though, some (linux) administration knowledge my come in handy :slight_smile:

We’re using Perforce hosted on Amazon S3. While I have not taken a shining to Perforce, it seems to be the best option for Unreal, and it’s free if you have less than 20 users (though “user” is every computer, not just login name). The S3 hosting has been solid for us and pretty easy to set up, though.

I don’t know what it costs us, though, as that’s handled by someone else. I don’t think it’s very much at all - just a little over the free tier, so a few bucks a month.

My opinion.

Internet based source control is not just about putting stuff some place and is rather limited as to control over an entire project and most solutions are directed to code based needs. The problem is code management is easy enough, as growth is manageable and not dynamic, as compared to content.

The problems as to Internet “content” source control are.

Content grows in a dynamic manner as part of the iteration process as well as assets purchased as part of the need for asset inventory and once you get things going you can get into terabytes territory fast.

The biggest need for “content” source control is not about updating and controlling asset in hand but securing access as members join or leave the team and there are assets thief’s who will join a project just to steal your stuff and run.

For now we found the best solution is to keep all things networked to the Internet in house and use WebDev to free share with others on the team as to who needs what where we can kill the account when someone quits.

Overall though there are workable solutions but prior to any kind of source control security is a must do as far as any consideration goes.

As for anything else keep things simple. Nothing says you can’t run your own SVN or source control from your laptop or inexpensive media server to get the structure figured out.