Version control not syncing assets in editor (perforce)

I am not 100% sure if this was already posted somewhere, if so my apologies.

The issue I am running into is we have a perforce server hosted remotely, everything works fine as does submitting changes via the editor. The problem happens when we try to sync our assets inside of the editor.

When someone else has an asset checked out, I am notified properly (blue check mark with the lock). When the user is done I get the Yellow exclamation mark notifying me that I am not at the latest version for that asset. So I right click the asset and click sync. Everything seems to work great except for the fact that the editor is not actually updating the asset with the changes. To see the actual change I have to do a sync in the editor, and fully restart it to see the changes.

If anyone has some insight to this issue that would be awesome. Or at least a work around for this issue, because this definitely hinders my teams workflow having to constantly restart the editor to see the synced changes.

Hey AM-

I was able to reproduce the source control issue you described and have entered a bug report (UE-24393) for further investigation.


We also have this bug. This is a major issue for our team. Is there an ETA for a fix?

Edit: A workaround is to “merge” the file → Select the depot and local file → Accept Source to get the recent version from depot → Accept source. Then when promted to checkout cancel. After that you have the recent version from depot opened and you can sync without the need to restart. This is a tiny bit less annoying then restarting.

Hey DFin-

This feature is not currently possible n the engine. While we hope to fix this in the future, there is no timeline for when such a fix will be implemented.

Any update on this matter? We still encounter this issue with 4.12.3 along with lots of check-out message spam despite the asset(s) already being checked out.

Hey Dealman-

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to sync referenced assets while the editor is open. We may seek to change that behavior in the future however there is no timeline for when that might happen.

Hopefully this gets fixed ASAP.

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