Version Control Discussion

Heya guys,
Sorry if this has come up a decent amount, but I haven’t found much recent discussion about it. Not sure if that’s related to search giving back bad results or there actually not being much discussion on it.

Anyway, I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts of the pros/cons of the different version control solutions are for different uses. Right now I’m looking for working on personal projects, and I’m looking at either bitbucket or gitlab, but something that worries me is the repo size limits, which could get eaten up quickly once models/textures/etc start getting added to the repo. I know I could locally host my repos with perforce or svn, but I feel like I’d like my personal projects to be somewhere in the cloud so I can easily access them from multiple places, and it would be easy for others to access them if I want to show people what I’m working on. Despite that being the case, I don’t really want all my repos to be public.

I think for more professional stuff the best solution is to host your own perforce server, but I don’t really have the resources to do that atm, and it feels like it would be a lot of work to put in when all I want to do is mess around with prototypes. It would also be way more difficult to share/show off stuff I’m working on.

Anyway, this thread isn’t necessarily about my particular situation, I’m curious to know what everyone’s solutions are for their various situations and the pros/cons you’ve all run into with your solutions.