Version Control - Content and Binaries

Hello all,

Our team is new to UE4, and we’d like to get a feel for how people use version control. We use SVN, and for a previous project, stored (compiled, not editor format) maps and DLLs outside of our main repository so it didn’t get too big. That solution worked well for us.

I’m wondering how to deal with this when working with Unreal Engine 4 - how do people generally manage this process when disk space is a limiting factor?

Do you commit all code, DLLs, maps and other content to the same repo, or use something like Dropbox or an FTP server to split things up?

The goal for us would be for our repository to be checked out, and binaries be available with minimal effort, allowing artists etc to work on content without compiling code, etc.


Internally we use P4 and check everything (content, source, binaries) in. Our build machine sync’s the code, builds the binaries, and checks them in. Coders and artists just have different ‘views’ set up onto the depot, so I don’t sync binaries i’m going to build, and artists don’t sync source. We use labels to let artists sync to a ‘promoted’ (tested) build.

Okay, cool, thanks for the insight! I think we’ll go with the checking everything in approach then, deal with any disk space issues if/when they happen down the line.

For others using SVN, there’s some official documentation on the issue here: though it seems to be a bit of a debated topic:,,