Version 4.9 erroe

Hi there,

I´ve just started my actual project which was on version 4.8.3, and wanted to open it with the 4.9 version. It asked me to do a copy, so I did. When I then start my level, it gives me this errors:

can I get rid of that annoying errors? The level works so far…



It seems like it is trying to access content which is not in the content folder. -> do you use the copy of your project or the original one? :slight_smile:

I used the copy. So how should I do this right, if I want to use 4.9? Start a new project with 4.9 and import all my props and settings?

You may have opened the level that was located in the old version by accident.

As TheAgent mentioned, you probably opened the map from your old project + what happens when you change the startup map in the project settings under “maps and modes”? :slight_smile:

Normally you just have to do a right click on your uproject file - switch unreal engine version - start it - everything should be fine

ah…so simple…thanks!