Version 4.26 How do I redirect a Blueprint struct to a C++ USTRUCT?

I have a blueprint struct with several properties on it and I’d like to convert it to a C++ struct. I’ve copied the properties on the C++ struct, but no combination of CoreRedirect’s seem to do anything.

Here’s one iteration of my redirect attempt:

+StructRedirects=(OldName="/Game/Path/StructName",NewName="/Script/ProjectName.StructNameNew", MatchSubstring=True, OverrideClassName="/Script/StructNameNew.Struct")

I’ve done over 10 different variations of the above include paths, no paths, with overrideClassName and without, with/without MatchSubstrint. I really don’t want to dedicate a couple hours just to be able to reference this struct in C++…

I bit the bullet and rewrote a couple hours worth of code.