Version: 4.24.3 crashes constantly.

Trying to build in Version: 4.24.3 and it crashes constantly. Every few minutes. I can sit back and stare at the screen and it will suddenly just crash. I’m not doing anything complex, I’m just trying to build walls with primitives. I put a box down. I stretch it. Crash. I reload, rebuild. Crash. I try something else. Crash. I get a couple boxes down, crash. What a piece of sh*. How can anyone even play games on Unreal when developers can’t even develop. Windows updated. Graphics card updated. Sound updated. Everything updated. Blender runs like a dream. Not a single crash ever.

I built a new computer lately, and have experienced a crash at least half the times I was using UE 4.24 and .25. I also have this terrible, moving noise problem in every project so far, and my computer has an RTX 2070 Super, 3.6 GHz AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor, 32 GB DDR4 dual channel RAM, 1 TB 3D Nand SSD, and the motherboard is a B550 with 4K @ 60 Hz support (working on a 4K @ 60 Hz monitor). I thought it was ray tracing since I had turned off RT Ambient Occlusion and it appeared the noise was removed. But when I tried a project with RT disabled, the noise appeared again on shadowed surfaces. The latest project I tried with RT enabled has the noise moving on the Starter Content chairs, even on the brightly lit surfaces of metal and plastic / rubber or whatever it is.

Try to Verify the version installation in the launcher. It has helped fix crashes for others. The last two or three times I was working in the editor, it didn’t crash. I don’t know how it’s changed yet to not crashing, but if I identify it I’ll post here.

I had a flicker with RT enabled too and resolved it by disabling Realtime and have not seen it since. Mine showed wherever pieces overlapped. My system is a relatively fresh install of Windows 10 from a month or two ago. Intel i7 8550U, 16GB ram, Nvidia 150MX (laptop). I was using another version of Unreal last year prior to the reload and there were no issues then. The way it is now I can start a new project, new level, drag a box to the center. Sit back and watch and then BOOM, crash.