Version 4.13 bug, unable to use most of tools!

hi guys, i m still newbie at this engine but trying to learn, for some reason when they release version 4.16 (i m using 4.13 in my project) editor just turned wrong:

i m unable to edit any blueprint, mouse act weird and right click doesn’ t open any blueprint menu when right click into blueprint dark screen and more, i cant use most of tools like (file, edit, window, help,) menus on the top left side of the screen, everytime i click on it the top bar change color from light grey to dark grey and nothing else happens, can someone help me about this issue? is there a way to reset the editor?
i tried already to reboot my pc, open different projects, uninstall and reinstall 4.13 version and still it doesn’t work properly, can someone help me about? i m totally stuck…
thanks for it
(i’m italian and my english may not be the best, please dont mind that :P)